How We Flip Abandoned Properties into Homes

First, we search for abandoned properties throughout the Bay Area. Next, we renovate and place these homes on the market. It's that simple! We operate in all cities!

Have you seen a house that has been empty for some time in your neighborhood? We want addresses for “distressed” or abandoned properties in your area and will compensate you for your referral. You will receive a finder's fee of 20% for doing so! These properties have characteristics like tall untamed grass, broken windows, worn out roofs, etc.

If so, please e-mail the property address, your name, phone number, and a picture of the front of the property to

Wholesale Real Estate

Opportunities for investors to purchase property at a wholesale rate.

Real Estate Wholesaling Education

Learn about strategies to purchase wholesale properties and evaluate property value.

Finder's Fee

20% finder's fee to anyone who sends us a distressed or abandoned property.

Investment Consultancy

Beginning in 2020, we will provide investment strategies for securing wholesale properties. These tools will ensure that our investors reach their financial goals.

"United we stand, divided we fall."
— John Dickinson


CEO and Realtor Domanic Green

Undivided Realty is a real estate wholesaling company founded by CEO Domanic Green.

Domanic is a Bay Area native who was immersed into the real estate field at the early age of 8 years old. He would assist his parents in flipping properties they owned and rented out, which cultivated his passion for the real estate field.

His goal is to lower the amount of empty properties in American cities beginning with California and to fill those homes with families. This initiative will combat the growing family and individual displacement crisis! This is possible considering his deep knowledge of wholesale acquisition and experience as a successful California realtor.



Benefits to Working Together

When you work with the Undivided Realty team, you gain access to strategies, skills, knowledge, and financial advice. Our team helps you maximize profits and investments by utilizing our knowledge of the real estate market.

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  • Professional Development

  • Gain Financial Strategies

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